ONE STEP AT A TIME  No one becomes an instant expert. You won't get a university degree in a day. You can't lose weight overnight either. Big change results from small steps that accumulate over time. You will not become a person of great faith in a day, but you can make real progress every day. Take one small step of faith each day and, in a year, those hundreds of steps will take you somewhere.


LET FAITH SOAK IN  Plants grow from good soaking rain. Your spiritual life will become strong if you meditate throughout your day on a single truth about your walk of faith. Let it soak in. For God's important messages, hearing alone is not enough. Jesus told His disciples, "Let these words soak into your ears." Luke 9:44.


CONTINUED STEPS SET DIRECTION  Powerful change comes when you form a helpful habit. You are making gains when it becomes natural to do something positive whether exercise, studying, eating well or growing in your faith. Make it your habit to take a new step of faith every day. This program leads you in that direction.

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