Every Little Answer

When you begin following Christ, a few questions are likely to arise: “What can I expect God’s leading will be like? Will He give me answers to every little question I have? Will He want to control my every move?” Those are good questions.

You will find answers to questions like those when you understand the difference between the will of God and God’s guidance. It is possible to be in the will of God even when you aren’t getting specific guidance.

This is easy to understand if you ever raised children. Even if you don’t have children, you can picture the situation. Imagine a normal day with your kids. No school on this day. Weather is beautiful. So your children are playing outdoors. They have your permission. You love them and want them to enjoy themselves. You don’t really care whether they are fiddling with a toy or talking to a friend. They can decide what they want to do. You approve. They are acting according to your will. Of course, a few times during the day, you may have specific instructions for them. “Come inside. It’s time to eat.” But mostly, you just want them to stay under your watchful care and within your will.

See what is happening? A child first learns the will of the parent and then discovers how to function on their own…making good decisions, becoming more mature, yet living fully within the will of the parent.

The will of God is just like this. Yes, at times, your Heavenly Father will be very specific with directions for you. Yet, growing in faith is not getting to the point that you hear God’s voice telling you how to make every little decision. No. You have a loving God who wants you to mature. He wants you to know how to make good decisions on your own that are in line with His will.

The Bible put it this way in Psalm 143:8, “…In You I trust. Make me know the way I should go.” This is what it means to walk by faith.

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© 2014 Eric Thurman