Two Roads at Once

When she was a young girl, Tasha never liked being told not to do something or get something she wanted. And, if offered a choice between two sweets, she would do everything in her power to have them both. She once told a playmate, “I want it all!” 

Most of us prefer not making choices. While we don’t resist picking something to have, when it means choosing, excluding one of the choices, that doesn’t feel so good.

Yet for all of us, there are points where we must decide. We come to a fork in the road and must turn one direction or the other. Ephesians chapter 4 in the Bible lists several paths that you cannot walk if you want to be a follower of Jesus. It says,

            “…you must no longer walk as others do in the futility of their minds.”

So what kind of futility is down that path? The passage then lists several roads that become futile if you follow them: greed, deceit, sexual impurity, having a hard heart, darkened understanding and being alienated from God.

Following Jesus will take you to much better places than you’ve ever known. It is, however, a different route than just going with your own self-centered desires. Turning to follow Jesus is a fork in the road, which means you have made a choice to walk away from things like greed, deceit and sexual impurity. That’s not a complete list either. For each of us, walking by faith means God is leading us out of our destructive ways to new life in Him. What are the forks in the road for you right now? Which direction is God calling you to change so you can be in step, following Jesus? Is it hard for you to walk away from familiar habits, even if you know you should? Are you afraid you might miss something? Way back in the earliest pages of the Bible, it tells about the very first temptation that humans faced. It was a temptation that they should violate God’s way otherwise they might miss something. Well, what happened proved futile and is something that they would have been better off missing! Learn from their mistake. Have courage. Instead, walk away from sin and evil in all its forms and follow Jesus.  

Pray now and tell God that you want to follow Him. Then, keep choosing to stay on His path as you go through the many twists and turns of life.

Meditate today on Ephesians 4:17

            “…no longer walk as others do in the futility of their minds."

© 2014 Eric Thurman