Welcome Change

Brittany excitedly told her best friend, Lynn, the news. “Bill and I are going to have a baby!” With a shriek of delight, Lynn responded, “Oh that’s thrilling. I’m so happy for you.” Then, Brittany quickly added, “And we’re determined that the baby will not change anything about the way we live. We think some parents make too big a deal about their children. We like our lives as they are and we’re going to keep doing exactly what we’ve always done.”

Well, really? New life is coming to them, but they think nothing is going to change! Either Bill and Brittany don’t yet realize how life works or they plan to be terribly neglectful parents. Hopefully not. That new little life won’t be getting the attention he deserves and needs to thrive.

It is just like a newborn, in fact called new birth, when you come alive spiritually. Jesus talked about it in the Gospel of John, chapter 3. When a baby arrives in your family or your soul has a spiritual birthday, those are huge occasions. It is natural for your life to be very different each day after that. New life calls for adjustments. This is good. You’ll be glad to make most of the adjustments, but be sure to expect change. Look for it. Welcome it. Whether having a baby or starting new life in Christ, you can make the most of the situation by thinking about how to embrace the changes.

The Apostle Paul became single-minded about his spiritual life. This is what he said in Philippians 3:13 & 14 (ESV),

     “One thing I do; forgetting what lies behind
     and straining forward to what lies ahead,
     I press on toward the goal for the prize
     of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”

 Paul welcomed the changes and made them the focus of his life. This is so much better than people whose lives are stuck; they don’t change or grow. You are not like that. It is different for you. In Christ, you have new life. Every day is an occasion to take a step forward as you learn to walk by faith.

Here’s a step you can take right now. Pray, using your own words, something like this, “God I welcome the new life you have brought to me. I expect You will change me, from the inside out. I want You and I want the changes Your new life brings.” 

© 2014 Eric Thurman