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Ministry Teams

Everyone who uses WALK by FAITH guides or leads groups with the program is considered a member of the WALKING TEAM.

"God does nothing except in answer to prayer" is a wise saying that has been attributed to several great leaders of the past and, at least, quoted by them. No matter who said it originally, it is true. Jesus found prayer an essential part of His life. To stay effective, this ministry must be saturated in prayer. We provide regular updates for those who pray for WALK by FAITH.

Producing hundreds of daily WALK by FAITH guides each years requires an enormous amount of time and talent. We have opportunities for writers, editors, reviewers, designers, web developers and any other skills you wish to offer to the creative process.

Only about 5% of the people in the world live in America. Our passion is for the whole world to know and walk with Jesus. We are eager to connect with everyone we can who will help us develop alternate language editions.

It is not our content, but rather the use of the content that changes lives. We are always looking for ways to attract more people to discover and use WALK by FAITH. We welcome your skills in marketing, PR, social media, fundraising or any other aspect of promotion.

Your organizational, administrative, systems, IT and strategic skills can strengthen and further expand this ministry.


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