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Many people in our churches and communities struggle to pay their bills, put food on their table and find a way to pay down their debt. Some have very little financial resources at their disposal while others face severe financial circumstances. Regardless of their financial hardship, there is a new way to help these individuals and families get a fresh start with their finances and it can all begin with You! The Genesis Financial Coach’s Manual is a step by step guide through the Genesis Financial Program for mature Christians who desire to come along side and become Financial Coach’s to individuals and families who are struggling financially. It is packed with financial tools, techniques and strategies that are rooted in God’s word and specifically designed to help bring financial transformation to the financially underserved. Conveniently located in the Genesis Financial Coach’s Manual is the Genesis Financial Workbook. This workbook is what each client receives and works through with their Financial Coach.

The Genesis Financial Program is personalized biblical financial counseling geared towards the poor, needy, homeless or soon to be homeless in our community. Financial Coach’s meet regularly with their clients in an individual or in a small group setting to develop and build a relationship that fosters true financial change. We believe that anyone, regardless of how little their resources, can learn how to manage their finances properly when they are given a fresh start to build on the right foundation. The Genesis Financial Coach’s Manual and the Genesis Financial Workbook do just that by providing the basics of God’s truth on money coupled with a simple financial plan that is easy to follow. Over a period of ten weeks, a client and their Financial Coach will work through the three main sections, each of which will challenge the client to grow spiritually and financially.

They include: 1. Me, Myself and God’s Money: Together, you will work through the first three chapters of the workbook learning foundational spiritual concepts that affect our understanding of God and money, our overall financial condition and how we make financial decisions. 2. Steps to Financial Stability: The Steps to Financial Stability will walk the client through a slow and steady process towards building a simple and easy to use financial plan that honors God 3. The Road Ahead: The Road Ahead gives practical financial wisdom that will set the client up for financial success in the near and long term.

Our hope is that no Christian faces their financial challenges alone. You can be that person who teaches, encourages and brings accountability to people in desperate financial need and it can all be done through the Genesis Financial Program and the Genesis Financial Coach’s Manual. For more information on the Genesis Financial Program, please visit

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