Veritas Coloring Pencils - Set of 24

Unleash your creativity with Veritas Colored Pencils. 

The large set holds 24 Colors:
Hot Pink 212C; Purple 2685C; Blue 287C; Light Blue 299C; Green 348C; Yellow Green 376C; Yellow 102C; Blush 1555C; Orange 151C; Red 200C; Brown 478C; Black 4C; White 501; Burnt Ochre 153C; Violet 2587C; Magenta 2425C; Ultramarine 2746C; Chrome Yellow 124C; Jade 339C; Vermillion 172C; Carmine 191C; Brick Red 704C; Vandyke Brown 411C; Warm Grey 11C 

Use these colors by themselves for beautifully deep coverage, shade them from pale to light or layer them to create new hues.


  • 24 Colored Pencils
  • Non-Toxic
  • Easy To Apply and Easy to layer 
  • Create new hues 
  • Applies Smoothly 
  • Breakage Resistant