NIV, Outreach Bible, Student Edition, Paperback

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ISBN-13: 9780310446460
Publish Date: 02/07/2017
Publisher: Zondervan
Format: Softcover
Language: English
Weight (lbs): 0.98 lb
Case Weight (lbs): 31.39 lb
Dimensions: 8.5(h) x 5.5(w) x 1.13(d) inches
Pages: 864
Font Size: 8pt

Product Description

Ideal for churches and ministries buying in bulk, the NIV Value Outreach Bible Student Edition is a great witness tool to give to students looking to discover God's Word. You can feel comfortable and confident handing this Bible to students interested in spiritual issues or who are open to talking about God. Features include the complete text of the accurate, readable, and clear New International Version with sectional headers and translators' notes, plan of salvation, and table of weights and measures in a softcover binding. This low-cost Bible with extra helps is perfect for anyone looking to distribute God’s Word to students. 8-point type size